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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hard day
So I woke up ate 6:53 and was to work by 7:00 I don't really know how it happened but it involved not getting coffee (oh no). Clients came in way tooo early and i was running the rest of the day. I had to stay 30 minutes late and realized i was late leaving. I got home and got my CMJ magazine :) then went to greywhale and got some cd's. they turned out to be good musical choices. While i was at dinner tho i ran into the dr. from the fix bus and i guess they aren't doing to well. i'm glad i didn't stay there. now i'm home chiling and listening to my music :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Early this morning i wake up to the dog going "woooof" and getting on the bed trying to wake me up. ryan gets up instead and gets some clothes on and goes outside. Now i get my robe on and go out as well. There is already at the scene two cop cars and a K9 unit. We just stand back and wait until it dies down to try and see anything. So finally when i think it's time to go inside here comes 3 more cop cars, 1 more k9 unit, CSI, a tow truck, and some civilian car. So now i've got to stay up and check it out. (the time is now 3:45am) An hour later the cars die down and ryan and i decide to walk over and see what's going on. (before i go much further, we live on a dead end street we all pretty much know each other) Anyway 2 houses down and across the street there is a van smashed into there house. We ask the lady there and she had said that she reported the car stolen and now it ends up here.
2 questions i have. 1- why was there sooo many cops? and 2 who the hell would make off with a mini-van? i'm just not seeing the mini-van being a good joy riding car.
Now i am tired.... i've been up all day and have an awful day at work. maybe i'll get in the spa.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Did post more
Work today was slow so i got sent home early (YAH!) Beans is being an attention whore (like me sometimes) and Mr NA is not home yet.Now i am coloring. it's kind of fun :)

Dream Blog
I have a new page on my side bar. It's all about my dreams. i dream every night. and always have one or more dreams i remember.

A Day for Outside The Norm
First i must go into what a normal day really is. I wake up at 6:30 get dressed, coffee and head to work. At work i get pee, poop, blood, vomit pretty much any nasty thing you can think of on my person. Then i come home. i have about 2 hours before Mr NA gets home to think, read, and play GBA '*' and clean up the house some. Then Mr NA comes home we do somethings like eating dinner and playing games '!' Then to bed '%'
Today however I wake up, earlier than i wanted, open the door to let the pets out and tried to go back to bed. I just layed there for along time and when i woke up i had a really bad dream and for some reason told HomerJ that i was having a bad dream '&'. Now i need to go into more side story. I think it's strange that i relate more to him than some other people I don't really understand it. I'm making more and more friends and i really dont know what to think about that. Alright.... now when i wake up from these dreams all i want to do is snuggle, but Mr NA had already gone to work and i wasn't about to ask russ. So i sat there awake just thinking about my dream and really wanting to be snuggled. Now i'm posting and don't do that too often in the morning, because i never have time. all together i'm confused about the morning. I had some weird dreams this morning that i'm doubting this is the best place to share them. (i'll email you if you want to hear about them... let me know) now i'm thinking about getting dressed for work (for job #2 today, also out of the norm might i add) and sitting on the hammock either ready some more "Liberty Meadows" (my favorite comic of all time) or maybe keep up with some hitchhiker's. I really do like to read when its not too hot outside.
who knows maybe i'll post more later.

* i forgot to post that i got a GBA SP. I no longer have to get a headache from the stupid light on the old GBA... oh it makes me so happy.
! we usually end up fighting or just really annoyed at the other person.
% where lately only sleeping has been going on there
& who was sitting in the other room typing on the computer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My husband knows me back to front. what i like... what i don't like. and i love him for it.
I feel as though i know nothing of him. I don't know how to show my love.... not with him. It makes me nervous and uneasy.

Friday, June 17, 2005

When Did i grow out from these stages
One: There is the hanging around at coffee houses and talking about dicks and shit. i have realized that this is very childish and just a waist of time. I don't really know when this happened, but i've been at a few coffees lately where i just haven't felt very motivated.
Two: The it's all my fault stage. Now i realize that i'm fucked up. and MrNA enjoys thinking that it's just me and not him. It's really not just me, fucking therapist, granted its part from me being over baring/ball busting bitch. but there is also ryan being and inconsiderate fuckers (ie i say i'm not really in the way of being social and he brings fuckers home)
Three: the fuckers at my house. I hate people when i'm grumpy and at the moment i will voice exactly what i'm thinking. i don't really know if that's the right thing to do so i keep my mouth shut and blog instead.
Four: working 2 jobs. I'm done i think.

Alright i'm going to bed. i can't be up and blaming myself anymore!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Time to Post Again
i have nothing really to say but maybe my own conversation will play its self out properly.
Work has been really hard lately. There has been sooo much to do, and sooo many surgeries. Everyone has been on everyone's nerves. It makes me a little upset because i have to keep the peace around properly.
Mr NA seems to be a grumpy bastard lately. i don't know if it's me or if it's work. Hopefully it's just work. i want to bring up a few things at the therapist tomorrow, i hope i can remember them by the time i get there.
I don't know if i understand the Father's Day holiday. Why do you need one day to celebrate your dad. I guess the same things applies to your birthday, but i get presents damn it. I don't get presents any old day. Unless it's misc. shit given by Mr NA. Atleast on my birthday i get presents from other people. I like presents.
Yesterday i made Fudge and i remember why i don't make it too often, it hurts my fillings.
Alright nothing else new to say. Instead i will attemp to post my first picture. It will by of the dog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Movies, The Dentist... Stuff and Things
So i guess it all started with a stressful day at work. Which was basically i had to train a new girl, and do all of my shit, and new monday shit i have to do. Damn responsibility. So the i head to the dentist, he had to do a root canal (I hate those things) so i've been there for about 50 minutes when he says that not only do i need one root canal but i need another one right next to it and that i can either be in pain for 5 minutes or i can sit with my mouth open while he gives me the shot and wait another 20 minutes (with my mouth open) so i picked the pain! it wasn't that it was painful, it was just REALLY cold.
i get home to being grumpy and in pain to lets go to the movie. So i go doped up on loratabs. we went to see Roborts. it was cute in the disney/pixar type film.
i get home again and go to bed it's only 9:30ish. Then for some reason at 11ish HomerJ calls and needs to stay at the house for awhile... it's alright and all i was just tired and had to clean the backroom.
I'm up again in the morning to go to work and realize DAMN my mouth hurts. so i call the dentist, and now i need to be on more antibiotics. I just got done with the "dog bite" antibiotics that made me shit and now i'm stuck with more.... AHHHH!
After work i cleaned the house, which wasn't bad i think it makes ME NA happy and i'm starting to like a clean house.
Now i'm drinking beer and relaxing... Yah!
Later this week is the marriage therapist thingy. I don't know if that's going well. Mr NA seems to be doing better, but i don't know.

Monday, June 13, 2005

i woke up this morning about a half hour ago and can't go back to sleep. I think it's shitty. i don't have to to be to work for an hour and a half... AHHH!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

This is the day of usually being tired and kind of depressed. i don't know why i get this way i just do. i've slept in tooo long and now i'm grumpy as all fuck!To make matters worse (or better i don't know yet) i have to go into work for a very boring 2 hours.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sleeping in
I tried to sleep in even though i wasn't tired. i got up opened the door for the pets to go out at 8:00 and tried to go back to sleep. than it was 9:30 i'm wide awake really just thinking about things in bed. I kind of liked it. I did have a dream that bobbi, crystal, russ, dave and myself all moved into a house together. It was one of those huge houses that was kind of creapy in it own right. I have a lot of dreams maybe i should start posting them in the morning so i can remeber what they were about. One time i saw myself die.... that one was wierd, then there's the dreams i have over and over. i used to wake up and just say i had a nightmear now i try and change my thinking and stay in the dream because i want to figure out why i'm having them. Maybe i'll find the meaning of life one day.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I have had a day, all day of things that have tried my patience. First there was the elderly at work today. She is soooo slow, then the elderly turned into the disabled (who is leaving in a week and was only there for 3 working weeks she had the rest of the time off for surgery) no i am home and well... Mr NA is being and ass. i guess ass is not the best words, but it suites what i'm feeling right now. For some reason i think he's hiding something. i really don't know what it is and nor do i really care (that much, i do care) hopefully he'll tell me when he thinks it's the best time.
I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, hopefully hell work wont be that bad.

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Above Average
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So i've finally pin pointed why i like Phantom of the Opera, other than the fact that it's a timeless classic, and that it has wonderful music. I like how the Phantom touches the girl. it's always hard and accented, and always around her neck. i think i like necks, i love mine :) i like it touched, kissed, smeeled, looked at.... i really just like necks. who would've thought.

Little Kid in Puddle
There is this big puddle in my front yard that we put old pears in, grass, oil etc. to try and get it to finally be dirt. So i drive home this afternoon and there is this little 2-3 year old playing in it. This is GROSS! There is all sorts of parasites that this kid could get just from this standing water. The dog gets vaccinated for these things because of this standing water. I'm sure he would have worms from drinking it. anyway i had the window down and just started laughing, the little girl tried to get the boy out and he started crying... he wanted to be in the puddle... EWWWW!

In other news, i have no more news :)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

There is a little comment button at the bottom of each post, please feel free to use it because no one does you bastards!

alright i'm headed to star wars today :)
I don't know if it will be that good but i really love it when a movie is nice and happy and then turns EVIL! it's like harry potter, the next movie will be dark and i like those types of movies.
In other news not too much is going on. my bruise on my leg is looking worse and worse, the wound part is feeling better but the bruise... OUCH does it hurt. I'm on these antibiolics that make me sick so hopefully i'm getting better instead of worse.
i've actually started this trend of getting ready, not for work or anything (don't worry), just to go out. it makes me feel more like a girl and frankly i love it :)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Something in my personality makes it so that i don't really like fully sharing my problems because then it makes me seem weak and unhappy. in all thought i'm sure that i really am weak and unhappy. i'm sure in person i would never really tell people the things i say here... i just feel stupid and uneasy. For example: I have reallized this on going problem with Mr NA has made me have a very low self image. i guess i know that this really doesn't concern me, and that it's his problem, but i can't help thinking that it's just me... that i can do anything right. I'm sure everyone feels that way most of the time when things don't go their way, but i can't help feeling like that right now. i kind of what to get all dolled up, go to the bar and see if i even have "the stuff" anymore. maybe get a free beverage or two. But if i actually went and did maybe i would just feel more guilty. i know i would HATE it if Mr NA went and did that shit. So i wont but maybe that would boost my selfconfidence.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I stayed up late... it was stupied. i was just feeling bad about my life, yet again. Today i'm REALLY grumpy! i hope things change by the time i get home. I hope Mr NA isn't being a dick when i get home either.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Medicating the cats
I was giving everyone thier heartworm medication and last time i just forced the pills. this time i mixed down it with val-syrup and the hardest cat i had to deal with was chuck. Pepper was EASY and so was angel.... it took forever to mix but it was still soooo much easier.

Dog Bit
Yesterday i was just walking past a dog that was waking up from anethesia. I go to walk past and i get chomped. near my knee. so i get sent to insta-care. i hate it there and didn't really need to go, but i went anyway. so i got to go home, paid... i slept and now i have a big ass bruise on my leg. it's funky.