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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sleeping in
I tried to sleep in even though i wasn't tired. i got up opened the door for the pets to go out at 8:00 and tried to go back to sleep. than it was 9:30 i'm wide awake really just thinking about things in bed. I kind of liked it. I did have a dream that bobbi, crystal, russ, dave and myself all moved into a house together. It was one of those huge houses that was kind of creapy in it own right. I have a lot of dreams maybe i should start posting them in the morning so i can remeber what they were about. One time i saw myself die.... that one was wierd, then there's the dreams i have over and over. i used to wake up and just say i had a nightmear now i try and change my thinking and stay in the dream because i want to figure out why i'm having them. Maybe i'll find the meaning of life one day.


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