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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Day for Outside The Norm
First i must go into what a normal day really is. I wake up at 6:30 get dressed, coffee and head to work. At work i get pee, poop, blood, vomit pretty much any nasty thing you can think of on my person. Then i come home. i have about 2 hours before Mr NA gets home to think, read, and play GBA '*' and clean up the house some. Then Mr NA comes home we do somethings like eating dinner and playing games '!' Then to bed '%'
Today however I wake up, earlier than i wanted, open the door to let the pets out and tried to go back to bed. I just layed there for along time and when i woke up i had a really bad dream and for some reason told HomerJ that i was having a bad dream '&'. Now i need to go into more side story. I think it's strange that i relate more to him than some other people I don't really understand it. I'm making more and more friends and i really dont know what to think about that. Alright.... now when i wake up from these dreams all i want to do is snuggle, but Mr NA had already gone to work and i wasn't about to ask russ. So i sat there awake just thinking about my dream and really wanting to be snuggled. Now i'm posting and don't do that too often in the morning, because i never have time. all together i'm confused about the morning. I had some weird dreams this morning that i'm doubting this is the best place to share them. (i'll email you if you want to hear about them... let me know) now i'm thinking about getting dressed for work (for job #2 today, also out of the norm might i add) and sitting on the hammock either ready some more "Liberty Meadows" (my favorite comic of all time) or maybe keep up with some hitchhiker's. I really do like to read when its not too hot outside.
who knows maybe i'll post more later.

* i forgot to post that i got a GBA SP. I no longer have to get a headache from the stupid light on the old GBA... oh it makes me so happy.
! we usually end up fighting or just really annoyed at the other person.
% where lately only sleeping has been going on there
& who was sitting in the other room typing on the computer.


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