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really things are funny

Monday, April 21, 2003

They got rid of her. They got rid of her YAH! Now i'm told i get a full time job here in like 2 weeks :) that makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I’m frustrated… and I don’t really get frustrated.

What’s going on is that the other gal that does the job similar to mine isn’t doing it, and I am trying to make it so my department doesn’t get screwed. The problem is they can’t just get rid of her because it’s a corporation. So they just put up with the fact that she sucks ass and has me pick up the slack, which is what is making my frustrated. I do my job well and she doesn’t. I think they know that, but it just bothers me that she gets paid more than I do and has benefits and I’m the one that’s keeping things floating.

Also tonight ryan has that concert to go to so I will be lonely. Hopefully I don’t get scared… I usually do. I don’t like to be by myself very often at night time.

Monday, April 14, 2003

My job got shit canned. I had been working on a project for at least 40 hours and here it is 4 days before the bid goes in and it gets canned. Things like this bother me.
Anyways this week I can only work 36 hours because everyone gets Friday off and since I am still employed by the temp agency I can only work 4 9’s and I don’t get paid holiday’s until September. I tell you these people should just get off their asses and hire me on full time. Do they really think that I am not one of the best people at my job? Granted I sit and blog for a small part of the day, but that’s just because you can only sit in this stupid cubical for so long. Now you must remember that because I work so hard I might be getting the gal that assists other estimators fired. I’m starting to get annoyed with this company, just because everything has to go a certain way. At this point I want to start looking for a different job because they are dragging their feet with hiring me. Of coarse I wont… I like my job, but I just hate this waiting bull shit. So now it’s almost 4 and I still have another hour. I have already been here for 8 hours I want to go home, but alas I cannot for I can’t afford the small paycheck. I HATE GETTING PAID EVERY WEEK, it’s extremely hard to budget.

Ryan’s going to be look for a new job, I hate to have this much stress. Last night I didn’t get very much sleep, that’s never good because I NEED 8 hours atleast to make it through the next day. I hope there's not much to do when I get home.

Speaking about home. Someone ran into our fence on Friday night. Dame hit and runs. So after waking up and going to home depot, buying 2 new polls (along with more things that we needed) we came back home fixed the fence than started doing what we had planned doing (which was mowing the lawn, weeding where I park my car and hanging the hammock that ryan’s grandma gave us for christmas)

Anyways not that I’ve ranted about stupid people and stupid work I will go now.

Friday, April 11, 2003

$15.50! These people are paying the temp place $15.50 how does that make is it not worth it to them to let me on this job full time. The Bastards! With the temp place I am only making $9.00 an hour and they are paying for $15.50 what stupid retards. Now I feel like I’m worth more monies.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Sorry it's been so long, but so much has happened.
1- i think that i'm too fast and efficiant at my job because i might get the old lady that works with me shit canned.
2- I made ryan re-arrange our living room, which lead to re-arranging the bedroom teehee
3- I want coffee. Today i had to go to 7-eleven to get coffee because we didn't have any beans at home... :(
4- still lacking on monies but that's to be expected this getting paid every week really bugs the shit out of me.
5- i thought of this really great idea for mixing (like a dj mixing not a mixed beverage) but i can't make it publically known on the internet because than everyone will have my idea... but it's a good one.. so if anyone has a mixing board i will tell you my good idea (