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really things are funny

Monday, May 24, 2010

ok boys and girls it might be time to get back to blogging. Now this comes with it's pro's and con's so I might change my mind part way through.

Let me start with this weekend being the funnest road trip I've had in a LONG TIME! I skated in my first interleague bout in Reno Nevada and kicked some serious butt. There was a fun misadventure with good friends, I bought a hat. The game was awesome the after party was fun times and everyone got home safe. (well minus 1 gas cap)

In other news dating life has been entertaining. I've had good times and good sex, which is all I'm really looking for at the moment. I don't want a relationship, i don't want someone to be caring for me, I don't want regular dates... really just sometimes a girl needs some sex. (that was probably too much information, but there you have it) I have had so much fun and will probably be burned by it in the long run, but what can i say it's making me happy for the short term. I'm sure later it will be 'omg dating is stupid' and 'oh how i hate this life style' .... oh well

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well boys and girls i think it's time for an update.
Ryan and i are divorced and it's actually working fairly well, it's kind of like we are better friends then we were married. (I know it seems weird, but it's true)
Work is still going well, which is nice. and Derby is AWESOMENESS!!!

Now time for bed