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Sunday, September 16, 2007

a very cranky ryan
i got home from work this morning to a cranky ryan doing homework. and when i left to come back to work sure enough ryan was just as cranky, if not worse, all about homework. i keep trying to tell him that everyone in his field has to go through the same thing and that he's not alone in his thinking that it's a waist of time. i think he agrees, but is still VERY annoyed by the fact that he has to do it. I remember when i was in school i hated going, but once i got there i LOVED learning.
ryan will gain:
a better vocabulary
better self-esteem
more knowledge
and a better sence of just feeling accomplished.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

a wonderful anniversary.
ryan and i celebrated our anniversary in 2 nights. on wed. we went to SPAMalot. it was worth seeing once, but not really any more than that.
then yesterday we went to the porcupine for dinner. well first we drove past the porcupine because there was sooo many people standing outside, and started driving up big cottonwood canyon to find another restraunt. this lead to us seeing the first bush/trees with red leave amist all of the green oness, we also saw some deer, and i felt like we were on a rollercoaster because ryan likes to take the sharp turns fast.... jerk.
then it was actually to the porcupine. we sat and waited for a table and drank some beers. then ate dinner and drank some beer. meanwhile i left... well drunk.
it was an awsome evening and i loved it