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really things are funny

Friday, February 09, 2007

I have had the worst day. Why can't i just say oh... i'm sorry or that's a bummer. rather than going off about insugnificate things. I'm just going to stay quite for a couple of days, luckly i don't got to work tomorrow and i didn't have to work all day today. hopefully tomorrow is bad for them just so the doctor doesn't think i'm expendable. I started crying, not infront of everyone, and left early. damn me for thinking i have to be right and say the last words.
I am so glad when i got home the roommate wasn't here.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Right now i'm happy in life.
i'm really starting to know that i love my husband, rather than just liking him a lot. anyway. with this new job ryan has he's in a really good mood and that puts the house in a seemingly good mood. i made breakfast this morning and bread yesterday. i'm looking for a new parttime job if anyone knows of one that is mindless and envolves me not dealing with pets.

work is okay for me, i feel like an overexperienced receptionist sometimes. i guess i make enough money to not care but i want to go back to school and become a vet. but at the rate things are going i wont be able to do that untill 2011ish. ryan is going to school first to become and electrician. then i can go to school for 2 years here in utah then move for 4 years to go to vet school. but do i really want to be in school when i'm 35? do i really want to get a $150, 000 degree to just use it for 20 years? and make only $30K a year?

enough questioning things. i really love my life and the moment :) i am sooo glad ryan got a new job