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really things are funny

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am sooooo bored at work!!! i can't wait for my vacation... i can't wait. i think we will go camping i need to start planning actually. it's the first real vacation i have had in years.... YEARS!!! I CAN'T WAIT to sleep in or just nap with nothing to do. i will not run errands, go swimming, need to be on time anywhere. if the family wants to do something hell i'm not going!!!

the yard is still just weeds and dead grass, maybe we can get a little farther next week.

Friday, May 30, 2008

i have been soo cranky lately i really don't know why. spring/summer is supposed to make me happy. oh well.
in other news i hung out most of the day with my grandma, she's a great lady and it made her day.
i got to see almost (no little sammy though) all the neices and nephews on wednesday they are awesome. i miss them sometimes, they live a little far away for me to drive there all the time. i haven't seen my brother patrick forever though, i hope he's okay.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

recent events
on friday ryan and i went and saw george carlin, i laughed and laughed. (ridding traxs)
saturday we went to the living traditions festival with bobbi (again with trax)
sunday went on a bike ride to liberty park with my next door neighbor (my ass hurt)
monday and tuesday rode my bike to work.

days to come...
wed/thurs work and i get to meet with landscape estimators.
friday - tuesday work work work, i make more money around holidays i guess i should work more. BLAH.

we have decided to hire a landscape contractor for the yard, ryan got overwhelmed and it is a whole lot easier to pay someone else. things we are doing... moving part of the fence, moving a tree, ripping out 3 treetrunks, grading/topsoil/sprinklers and sod and daisies and bark. now that i layed it all out is does sound like a lot of work.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a new audio book to listen to at work
it's call bonk by mary roach.
now let me start by saying sometimes a gal has to be curious about sex. i have had 5 partners and well i don't really think i had enough time to fuck around before i got married.

this book is about sex research.

if i was a gay man i don't think i would like this book very much. since the author is a woman it is mainly focused (so far) on the female aspects/ orgasms and heterosexualism. The beginning is about the original research from the 1800's on. it is so bizarre the things people have done in the name of science. now i'm into the animal research section (being in the veterinary field this part is sad and informative heheh).

this book is awesome and i have loved it. there are books you recommend thats a fun read then there are books that are about an interesting topic, this book is both.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

There is nothing like a night that you can't sleep followed by barking dogs first thing in the morning. blah. ***

in other news, nothing has been going on with the yard. i've decided not to push ryan into starting it, and honestly i can't get the equiptment on my own. sometimes i wish he would just get motivation to start things with out being nagged (i've tried the nice reminder). take the heater and my bike tires for example (i've had new tubes in the house for 2 weeks and it's still not done)

Happy mothers day to all of those that this applies. i'm kind of bummed because i'm stuck working.... blah.

on yeah, i found a cute black corsett to wear to roller derby, now whether or not i chicken out will be a different story. hehehehe

i'm almost done with work for the morning, then i'll call my mom and wish her a happy mothersday, take a nap then the cycle starts all over again.

***no sleep = cranky stephanie***

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

so i'm getting ready for work this morning and just for funsies i get into my too small scrubs drawer. there is a really cute pepe la pew top and some dark colored bottoms (along with some purple and light pink scrubs)i try them on and they fit. i am so happy. i wasn't going to go the gym this morning because i have a lot of erends to do before work, but now i'm totally going. it is work the 2 hours total out of my day.

Monday, May 05, 2008

i'm soo glad for the sun.
for all those that are wondering ryan and i now have cellphones my old home number is now my cellphone and ryan has his own. we are using verizon and get free texts and pictures. i don't really like talking on the phone but i do love texting. it the best way to chit-chat. and find out what is new on the day to day with me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

a very entertaining weekend. we went to ryan's friends house in roy and had some drinks and played rockband for ps3. i left my sweeter there so we are using it as an excuse to hang out with them again next weekend.

in other news ryans test is on tuesday i hope he passes this time. and i wish he would study when he gets home.

i bought some lamb when i was at the butcher. i think i will make some vindaloo tomorrow or wednesday.

it's one of my bestfriends birthdays on sunday i wonder what we are doing for it... made i should ask her. maybe just hang out and drink.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

i will finally admit, after the 10 or so people that have asked in the last 2 weeks yes i have lost weight, and yes it does feel good. now if i could only loose 10 pounds this month too. with swimming monday-friday and riding my bike to work i almost see it happening. now if i could only get down 45 pounds it would be GREAT.
i feel good about myself.... almost.