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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time to Post Again
i have nothing really to say but maybe my own conversation will play its self out properly.
Work has been really hard lately. There has been sooo much to do, and sooo many surgeries. Everyone has been on everyone's nerves. It makes me a little upset because i have to keep the peace around properly.
Mr NA seems to be a grumpy bastard lately. i don't know if it's me or if it's work. Hopefully it's just work. i want to bring up a few things at the therapist tomorrow, i hope i can remember them by the time i get there.
I don't know if i understand the Father's Day holiday. Why do you need one day to celebrate your dad. I guess the same things applies to your birthday, but i get presents damn it. I don't get presents any old day. Unless it's misc. shit given by Mr NA. Atleast on my birthday i get presents from other people. I like presents.
Yesterday i made Fudge and i remember why i don't make it too often, it hurts my fillings.
Alright nothing else new to say. Instead i will attemp to post my first picture. It will by of the dog.


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