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Thursday, January 31, 2002

So i put in applications place and no one has called me back. What's with that. I've found myself back at GYFT and well i guess things could be worse.

I took a mid-term today that was actually hard. I walked in expecting it to be easy and well i probably got a C which i guess is still passing and okay. As far as tomorrow goes i will be scared until i go into the class and look at the questions. Tomorrow is the Recent America and it's going over WWII, Truman, Korean War, Cold War, second Red Scare, Eisenhower era, and the fifties in general. The sad thing here is that it's only 3 queastions. You pick 2 and write for about 25 minutes on each. Hopefully i do OKAY.

So Ryan and i got in a little spat yesterday and just decided it was best to not talk about it. I mean i'm a talking person. I don't really like talking about things that i mad about, but i don't mind talking about it once the subject gets brought up. It was an issue about going to my mom's house... but i ended up going by myself... it kind of made me up set.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Finally got back to emails again :) Last night i just caught up with 2 or 3 people yesterday which is always fun...
I have a study group today at for my Recent america mid term. Only 2 more years of this shit... hopefully unless i change my major again then it will be much longer... ARG.

As far as the olympics go... the streets are getting more and more crowded and with about a week and half from now massive amount of people will be here. I guess i'm just not REALLY looking forward to it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

alright trying to chat with people to pass time is no fun. Right when you tell them that you are no longer single. they think to themselves... 'fine i'll go away to some girly that i can get on.' What is this fasination with men and single women and sex? Why does it exsist and why for another reason should me being single make a difference.. i'm never going to meet them anyways.. why does this matter?

So today sucked... yes straight up sucks!!! i could go into detail but i don't relaly want to.. i guess that's another reason.

Wow what a frustrating blog

Sunday, January 27, 2002

my mom bought me new pans... whoo hoo. Cooking is no longer all retarded to do anymore :)

K-PAX... dollar movie.... rock on (let me know what you thought about it)

Saturday, January 26, 2002

i just got my mid-term for comparative politics, which should only be about 8-9 pages typed (which isn't bad for the class that most people fail). Also i got my 'study guide' for the recent america class and there is no way that i am going to be ready for that test. there is so many things that i have to know i might go insane come friday... UGH! Also the ancient near east final is on thurs. which shouldn't be that bad if i study. All and all there is only one that i am concerned with... suprisingly the one that i thought would be the most simple... oh how fate comes only with irony.

Friday, January 25, 2002

i'm going to inform you of what i wrote in my actual home journal...
" Jan. 21, 2002. WEll it's technically my first entry of the year, strange isn't it. I still have my web page which pretty much tells daily events rather than actual human emotion which i guess than defeats thepurpose. I think i should try and work on that... maybe. Maybe it's best not to get too personal, people do crazy things when they know too much about you. On the talk of raw emotion i am head over heels in love with Ryan. I know, i've said this many times before especially last year... but it's a different sort of love, it's deep in my heart and exposses itself everytime i open m mouth. this love comes out in smiles and in frowns, it's with me at all times. I think i'm being cheesey but that's what i feel about the subject."

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

okay so i was walking on campus today and realized one thing... the sound of people's shoes when they lifted off the ground from the snow covered pavement. It's a slick sound... i should really listen for it more often.
As far as today went... another fun filled day of sitting on my ass... no job yet... wa wa wa.

Monday, January 21, 2002

haven't blogged in a while... but hey that's okay. I have a new friend named Debbie actually met her through the bookstore, which is all well and good. She actually might be able to get me into the anthropology department at the U so hopefully that will be successful. not saying that that's all i have friends for.
Anyways we went to Beauty and the beast tonight on the super screen.. This screen takes up all kinds of your eye sight which wierded me out for a minute.

As far as the birthday went.. it was wonderful. Ryan made it wonderful that's for sure. woke up in the morning to egg a moby muffins. Went to class.. than met ryan up at my mom's house were we went to Sam Pann's which has wonderful Chiness food which is always a good lunch meal. than went to REI to pick up a new backpack sence Patrick took my other one. afterwards it was back to my mom's were the whole family was eventually there. We had cake and got some rEALLY good gifts (which is always a plus) thani t was off to the five all's and to see Ryan and i dressed up together was always great fun.

Friday, January 18, 2002

so some how tomorrow most people that i know are taking up some of my time. As you might have already figured this out.. it's my birthday tomorrow... which is always stellar... (yes i just used stellar in a sentance) anyways i'm in one strange mood today and i think i'm going to scare ryan when he walks through the door... haha won't that be fun.. gotta go

Thursday, January 17, 2002

sorry for the delay, but not much has happened. Still haven't found a job yet. So things have been slow. bought a cell phone the other day.. it' was actually an early birthday present from my mother :) Other than that not much. Class is becoming a bitch.. which is what was expected. Parking is even worse. I had to park at the upper south east end of campus and my class was at presidents. Talk about a trek up ward.
Yesterday i wasn't in the mood to drink. hell i'm always in the mood for drinking and well i guess yesterday was just not the best day. wa wa wa

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

i applied at three places today. Tomorrow i'll do three more. I think i might want to change my major again... i'll tell you when i figure it out myself. Anyways, i think that i'm kind of depressed today, maybe it comes with out work.. or things to do other than homework for that matter... oh well

Monday, January 14, 2002

well i think i'll blog first but i will give you a quick background
Stephanie says:
so me and my mom went to the holiday movie center
Stephanie says:
my mom for some reason was looking through the paper and found her self saying that we were going to 'the other side of heaven' which i guess (she was told was a love story)
Traicovn says:
Stephanie says:
well we get to the movie place 15 minutes late which is something funny in and of it's self
Stephanie says:
and than we grab our big ass popcorn and drink and sit down
Stephanie says:
to a crowded house
Stephanie says:
Stephanie says:
this place is never full
Stephanie says:
so walking in with people taking up space was a big deal.
Stephanie says:
than we sit to this cheesy 1950's movie
Traicovn says:
Stephanie says:
well as things have it... it was some mormon ass family film 'i hope they call me on a mission' shit
Traicovn says:
hehehehehe.... that's sad
Stephanie says:
so with tears falling down our faces we think that we have to sit through it because we paid good money for it
Stephanie says:
well we sit for about 2 minutes
Stephanie says:
than i say that we should just hop to the next movie
Stephanie says:
well our little sneaky way we run over to the next movie
Stephanie says:
why we sit my mom says 'i hope i haven't see this before'
Stephanie says:
30 seconds later
Stephanie says:
'shit i have seen this before'
Stephanie says:
and on the the next movie we went
Stephanie says:
well we couldn't find another movie playing at this time so we sneak past the guy at the popcorn stand
Stephanie says:
after we decide that there is nothing else playing at this time
Stephanie says:
we just ask the guy what's showing
Stephanie says:
he tells us that 'Oceans 11'
Stephanie says:
just started and that we should head into it
Traicovn says:
Stephanie says:
we sit through a wonderful movie
Stephanie says:
and well that was the end of that story
Stephanie says:
hey brb
Traicovn says:
Stephanie says:
it was so god damn funny

Sunday, January 13, 2002

so today was yet another busy day. I've had cramps up the crapper but other than that i think i'm okay. Anyways i have class tomorrow and haven't done much of the readings. so gotta run... sorry everyone

Saturday, January 12, 2002

well today was a busy day. had school in the morning, than to pick up ryan to take my neice and nephew to go see harry potter. Than it was straight from there with the kids to my mom's house (well technincally my house) than dow to aaron's for some birthday celebration. After this is was a rush back to the movies to see Beauty and the beast with Ryan's friends and then Ryan lost his phone so we went searching... found the base but not the battery... out only means of communication no less. Now i'm at Ryan's apartment which is called at frequent times my own.

Friday, January 11, 2002

as far as the rest of today goes... today was my last day at work :( wa wa wa. I got a few numbers of people that i had befriended.. than left... khmmm

what a good day. So far has started out with homemade egg a mobby muffins, home brewed coffee, wonderful kisses and delightful love making. This is all before 7:45... hope the rest of this day is as wonderful as the morning.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

today is the shits.... we will leave it at that

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

so today was a fun filled day of returns returns and yes even more returns. This is the work aspect of it all, but hell i guess that's what today was. Other than the fact the Ryan, Debbie and I went to The PIE which is always wonderful..... actually i was drunk as fuck... but that is a different story leading into a much different outcome. If you would like to know the WHOLE story email ( and i'll fill you in. Anyways.... i'm sure i'll hear more from you guys laters....

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

howdy ho ranger Joe. If you all don't remember this it's from full house... teehee, i was reminded if full house today, it was all sorts of funny.

Work and school was tough today. class i was issued a map asignment by Dr. Parker (near east class) Work was slow yet busy at the same time. I was on returns most of the day until i had to count down from 6-7. Maybe i'll write more tomorrow when i have more time right now i have to hop skip and jump into the shower. Than it's back to my house where i left my note book, then probably back to Ryan's where i am now. How bad does that suck.00

Monday, January 07, 2002

Anyways as far as my weekend is concerned i did a whole shit load of nothing. Saturday i had class (which has this psycho guy in it btw, that kept hitting on me) Intro to comparative politics which should be fairly easy. The cool part about pol sci is the fact that it's only a lot of memorizing maybe that's why i like it so well. After this class was going and returning shoes and pants. I bought this nive pair of pants... they are so cute... i like them A LOT. This little adventure lead me around the Salt Lake Valley about twice. For you see my saturday class is in Bountiful and the furthest mall away, that we hit, was in Drapper. than there was the downtown mall (which actually was easier to walk to than to drive to) and than the the Cottonwood Mall. All and all this little adventure took from about 12:30 to 6:30... it was actually pretty fun.

Sunday was a different story. Didn't wake up until 11:00 and then got up and cleaned out my car. Someone said that it was developing it's own ecosystem.... AHHH. So i cleaned it out. it took a while. Than i thought that i should wash my mats and things so that it looked all nice, and well it kind of made my day. Than Ryan and I went up to my favorite restraunt in Park City called the Main Street Pizza and Noodle, which has the best pizza might i add. Than it was over to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory where we picked up a box of my favorite mints in the whole wide world. *sighs* yesterday was a good day. Back home to were Ryan and my mom started talking about this whole Marriage thing... I asked my mom if i could have Grandma Shaffer's ring (or a least a stone out of it) She said that she wanted me to have hers... it was cute...

Anyways have to run to class....

Friday, January 04, 2002

I just lost everything i just wrote...the bastards that is blogger

it's not letting me republish archives... the bastards

Song: Oppenheimer Band: Old 97's Album: Fight songs

It's day 2 of tired as hell. I think after work i need to go home and sleep for a while... haha i wish that's what i could get away with doing. Anyways i think that i'm sleepy and well i could take a 15 minute nap before class started, the question is would that really help?
I slept at Ryan's last night and to no avail i left all of my getting ready items at home, so need-less-to-say i look like i just rolled out of bed this morning and didn't even bother putting make-up on or curling my hair... i look like a bum today. (But a cute bum at that)

Thursday, January 03, 2002

Song: Sunblock Band: Emittswimming Album: Don't remember (sorry)

When i'm gone you can climb the social ladder

Well it's the first day of classes and of how i love school. I'm sure i've already covered this several times, but i love it here. anyways the anthropology building smells like potatos no joke. I walked out of there with a strong sent of raw potatos. This for ref. is my ancient near east class. Now the first class this morning might scare the shit out of me for the rest of the semester. The class, America At War. The instructor Davies. This guys seems to have his shit together on the subject but expects the rest of us to know exactly what he's talking about. Everything in the class is a take home, even the finals so he's just expecting a lot, which scares me by the way. I'm not good at writing (if you can't already tell) and i guess it's just as though all i can really do is memorize so maybe history isn't the best way to go.

As far as the NEW YEAR is concerned. My mom through one good party this year. We had some illegal fire works... some singing... and a shit load of alcohol. As far as fun was concerned... there was a lot of that too. The new years kiss of the year is Ryan (did you expect anything less) and as far as new years hangover... didn't really happen this year (which is always a good thing).

And asshole of the year so lovingly goes to JAMES, which got his title by being just that time and time again. I'll have to go into bands when i get home because that's were the CD's are.

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

I have hives up and down my legs... fill everyone in later