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really things are funny

Monday, October 28, 2002

so i have figured things out and it's all going to be alright. I made a shitty dinner tonight though... ryan's sick and i hope i don't get that way... and well it's MONDAY! The day after daylights saving time which made today go by soooo... slow.

I'm getting a land line... much to ryan's bitching about it... but we are getting one anyways. I just switched the phones over to a family plan which made it so the minutes were restricted so I got a phone. It's going to go through at&t because Qwest is a bunch of shit heads... but it's only $15.00 so i can't complain. it's better to have a family plan with 2 phone and a land line in stead of a $138.00 phone bill. OUCH i know!

Money is kind of tight for me right now which makes thinking of things to get ryan is just a bitch and a half... think think think what to get ryan for his birthday?

Bought a new comic book the other day... it's itty bitty. "Everything can be Beaten" by Scolex and Scrambly. It's cute for being the size of a cd cover.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

In the day time i'm a happy person... but at night it's a little different. For some reason i just start getting depressed. it doesn't really matter what i'm even sad about. But something happens and i just get sad. I don't know why i think that saying this will make things any better. I guess it's just a getting off my chest thing.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

so... i have not gone away from the internet just not really here. Ryan and i have too much free time so we have desided to start casting at night for my dad. It pays shit but a little extra hundred bucks a week will help us out... at least for christmas.

Lets think... any other new news...

Oh yeah we bought a table last week it's pretty cool you all should come over and see it sometime.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

I think i've just realized how much ryan actually does love me. It makes me happy.

yes i'm still alive :)

WE bought a kitten the other day his name is "beans". He's black and white witha touch of brown in him. He didn't drink or eat or go potty at first but now he will eat and drink out of my hand and will go pee when put in his box. He's scared of everything though which is kind of sad, but he's warming up. "pepper" our other cat hates him (which she has alrights to i guess because she has been with us for awhile and we are her humans and this little kitten is taking all of her attension that she never really wanted away) [yah i know it's funny]

not much elses in my neck of the woods... what about yours email me :)