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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Movies, The Dentist... Stuff and Things
So i guess it all started with a stressful day at work. Which was basically i had to train a new girl, and do all of my shit, and new monday shit i have to do. Damn responsibility. So the i head to the dentist, he had to do a root canal (I hate those things) so i've been there for about 50 minutes when he says that not only do i need one root canal but i need another one right next to it and that i can either be in pain for 5 minutes or i can sit with my mouth open while he gives me the shot and wait another 20 minutes (with my mouth open) so i picked the pain! it wasn't that it was painful, it was just REALLY cold.
i get home to being grumpy and in pain to lets go to the movie. So i go doped up on loratabs. we went to see Roborts. it was cute in the disney/pixar type film.
i get home again and go to bed it's only 9:30ish. Then for some reason at 11ish HomerJ calls and needs to stay at the house for awhile... it's alright and all i was just tired and had to clean the backroom.
I'm up again in the morning to go to work and realize DAMN my mouth hurts. so i call the dentist, and now i need to be on more antibiotics. I just got done with the "dog bite" antibiotics that made me shit and now i'm stuck with more.... AHHHH!
After work i cleaned the house, which wasn't bad i think it makes ME NA happy and i'm starting to like a clean house.
Now i'm drinking beer and relaxing... Yah!
Later this week is the marriage therapist thingy. I don't know if that's going well. Mr NA seems to be doing better, but i don't know.


Blogger mcs said...

dude! do you brush your teeth?

9:04 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Most of the time. Atleast i get it fixed and i have teeth.. and they are nice and white

9:55 PM  

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