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Sunday, February 22, 2004

So i did, i did get layed off and have been out of work for sometime now; which is probably why i haven't blogged in so long. I don't really think i have much to say, but you know sometimes i just need to get on and type. Have you ever wished that you were still single... i guess i just want to be in love for the first time again... i'm getting bord and i think ryan is too (maybe that's why we don't have sex to often [i don't know if you wanted to know that but i told you anyway HA!]) I've been depressed lately. i'm sure it's because the relationship is rocky, NO monies, no job, no real reason to get up in the morning. I have good days and bad days, everyone does. but mine happens to fall on today. Ryan's friend Bobbi come over often and i really like the company, i don't think i can handle another female here all the time though to much feminity (? spelling). I REALLY like the company though.
Anyways i'm off it makes me sad to write my feelings down. :)