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really things are funny

Monday, October 27, 2008

my friend was over tonight and i felt like i was being a lazy bitch. sorry hun... i didn't mean to, but i know that i was.

then ryan got mad at me for asking to many questions about his mom, i love her a lot and sometimes i can't remember everything that people say. i try hard and remember most of the time at work and sometimes at home i just zone out... it happends. and now i'm cranky and can't sleep :(

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

swimming makes me hungry

i just started using Gmail and it awesome. the chatting functions are wonderous and the email is straight forward. i'm enjoying it :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

5 reasons why i like/hate my job

lets start with hate
1- two of my employees have the worst attendance known to man. they just don't come randomly. today for example. 1 i had to quilt into coming in (because she was 'too depressed') and the other just had better things to do.
2- the smell. the doctor likes to put plug ins everywhere. they bug me and smell bad
3- some of the customers are really needy. and they expect you to cater to their every whim. would you call your human doctor and do this shit.
4- most of the time you do the same thing everyday. mine goes a little like this. walk the dogs/clean the kennel. come up front, tidy up do discharge and prescriptions and go home.
5- i hate that dealing with my boss is all about phrasing. if you didn't phrase things right you are s.o.l. the doctor is picky, a clean freak, and hides who he is from his family

1- the animals. i love them they love me :)
2- every so often you actually get to watch an animal get saved. not 'here is some steroids come back in a month'
3- i really like the stress. some days here it is so moving that it gets stressful and taxing on my mind. i like things that make my mind work
4- compounding drugs. i think this is so fun. you have to do math, figure out dosages and mix it all up. it's like baking with controlled substances
5- once i get to work i really don't mind being there and i don't really look forward to going home, unless i have something exciting to do.

nightmare on 13th
yesterday i get a very random text from my friend who says that her brother is one of the characters at the haunted house and that she had free tickets and if ryan and i wanted to go. now i don't really like haunted houses they scare me, always have. but she says she will protect me so we go. ryan and i got there pretty early so we waited by the ticket counter. this big scary thing on stilts come up to me and is super scary and touched my hair.... TOUCHED MY HAIR. is send my friend a text and she asked if it was her brother. it really was a very scary jimmy with creepy eyes. then we wait and wait and wait until we get walking through the haunted house. it actually wasn't too. there was twice that i was heckled by the jump out people but ryan screamed out funny things like "what would you do with a Klondike bar" and "ew they did the black light/ luminal test on this hotel room". i had a really good time. and was glad we went :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

an eventful weekend. saturday work, derby then to the pi for pizza. derby made me learn 1 thing, wear protection when skating. the pi was awesome it always is.

sunday work. then when i got home ryan had emptied and cleaned the hot tub (woot see saturdays post about my tailbone) and had started to refill with water :) then we got out all of the halloween stuff and put up our decorations. this year the hanged man is 'w' himself. hehehe i'm sure we will get asked to take it down, but it's worth a shot. then we went to home depot and got a new faucet (ours is leaking) and ryan took the sink apart, resealed etc. when he put everything back together 7 hours later the disposall was leaking. my brother came over and took a look at it (he couldn't fix it :() then we got in the hot tub and went to bed.

it was a long weekend but fun :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

me and my neighbor, beanie are practicing for derby try outs. yep i said it... not this year but next year i'm trying out. yesterday ryan, bobbi, beanie and caroline came out for moral support. it was my first time on skates in probably 10 years give or take. i was awful. toward the end of the night i could skate around the track in 20 seconds. the qualifying time is 3 times in 1 minute (i'm on my way) however skating that quickly doesn't give you ANY control my ankle turned in a little bit and i was on my ass..... HARD. i went around the track a few more times to make it so i didn't give up entirely then went home. now my tailbone hurts so bad, it hurt to sleep, to get in/out of my car to come to work. it however doesn't hurt to stand (not sit that really hurts) in the exact same spot with out moving. but it was REALLY fun :)