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Friday, January 30, 2009

a remarkable thrusday
Yesterday was a bad day. i went to work, pained from practice on tuesday, then came home and all i wanted to do was sleep. so i got on the couch and slept and slept each time i turned on the couch one of the cats would be on me knowing i was cranky. I did get to play loco roco 2 then ryan called and wanted me to pick something up (i really didn't want to go, and i told him so and rolled back over on the couch) ryan made dinner then i got into the car and headed for 'collector's' house (one of my new derby friends) to pick her up for practice. Practice was hard and tiring. i have been coughing since then and my abbs hurt like you can't imagine. i have made a few friends at practice, which is kind of nice. i joined derby to loose wieght, not to win, and it's nice to have friends to skate with.
as for today goes.... split schedule for working i worked from 7-10am then i have to go back from 12:30-6:30... yuck. i don't work very well in the afternoon, but i try. February's schedule will suck for working then practice (oh well, i do love to work my ass off)
in other news i finally got around to joining facebook and haven't fully firgured out how it works... i'll get it eventually

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i was trying to figure out what we still need to file our taxes and we still need a few more items, but i did find out that ryan spent $2850 on tools... fucking tools.

in other news my first practice is tomorrow. i'm excited. i don't get to participate but i do get to watch :) i'm thinking about changing my name back to Apocalypse pony. i like that name less, but it's not near as offensive.

Let me know what you think

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm on the team :)
i should probably have a name picked out by thursday. so far we are thinking frau lashio. yep fellatio. it's just bad enough to fit in, but if you don't get a play on words then it's not bad at all. i'm also thinking of spelling it frau latio, i just don't know which one makes more sense. let me know your opinion

Friday, January 16, 2009

15 hours until tryouts. WISH ME LUCK :) i hope i make it on the team this year. if not i will be tryout next year so it's not all that bad

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a new ipod
so on december 1st i sent my ipod in to be serviced (it was covered under the insurance policy that we have) and they said i should have it back by the 18th. well the 18th came and went and still no ipod so i called and was told it was lost and i should have it back in 2 weeks. i went and bought a shuffle ipod (i love it for skating because i can clip it to my bra and skate without problems). On sunday ryan said it was time to call bestbuy again, and they said they would have to look into it and call back.... no call. so i call yesterday with 30 minutes on hold to get told we will call you back.... you guessed it no call. Then i called today and talked to the same girl i spoke with on the 18th, thank god, and she said that my original ipod was sent to a fernando newcomb in california and maybe i knew him. i told her the only 2 newcomb's i knew was ryan's dad in podunkville california and ryan's grandma. She said okay let me talk to my supervisor and i'll call you right back..... and she actually called me back :) she said since it was shipped and signed by someone that i couldn't get a referbished ipod back, but if i jst stopped by tomorrow before 2:30 she could just give me a new ipod for free. FUCKING SWEET :) now i don't think i will be able to get and insurance policy so i might actually have to treat my ipod well... i can do it :) i am getting my second wind and am almost ready to go skating.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

a very derby update (that i'm sure you will be bored with but...)
on christmas day i found out that tryouts were on the 17th, so like the crazy person i am i packed up my gear and headed to the rollerrink the next day. ryan comes with me it's a great that he comes with me and we have something else in common.
there are lots of things that you have to do to qualify for the 'fresh meat' team, the main ones are (and i'm leaving a bunch out):
1 - knowing how to skate (weaving through cones, general stance and balance)
2- stopping
3- crossovers (where you cross your feet around turns)
4- endurance (5 laps around in 1 minute, and 20 laps in 5 minutes)

so when i went skating that first time, when i actually care, i couldn't do much of anything. i feel twice going in a straight line. i was frustrated and cranky. Then i went on sunday the 28th and ran into some ther derby girls (there is another team that practices there and are just starting out , that i will dub RG) and an awesome captain of the team that i am trying out for. i tried my endurance, which was 3 and 1/2 laps in 1 minute (i didn't even try the 20 in 5), i understood how crossovers worked and could barely do them, and i could stop with my right foot at that time.

today 1 week, and 6 practices later i have okay stance (enough to pass), i can stop with still just my right leg, i can do crossover (but not well) and my endurance is 5 laps in 1min 11 seconds, and 20 laps in 5min 15seconds. i am getting much better.

things i'm working on this week is crossovers, enurance, and STOPPING with the left (that's all i really worked on last week too, but who's counting)

my tailbone and legs hurt, my knees and elbows are scrapped and i've been craving salad and milk (and i hate milk)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

not much to say other than all i've been doing it practicing skating, sorry folks that's all there is to report