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Friday, April 25, 2008


Monday, April 21, 2008

so i would say that me and my brothers are fairly close. i love them they love me, and they tell me everytime i see them. Today was the first day that i have felt awful for them. my oldest brother is awesome. He has 3 kids and is divorced. He called me on a monday night and just sounded SOOO lonely. he then relized that my cell phone was my home number got all excited and started texting me. he's just lonely and i don't think he has figured out the wonders of online dating. i really is how people meet people now a days. at least most of the single people i know.
now my other brother has some problems, but we all do. i haven't talked to him for a couple of weeks, then out of no where he calls and wants bail money. I have ALWAYS helped him out when he has asked for it. and honestly he has been there for me, only mine aren't usually envolving jail time. its more like ryan is sooo frustrated on a project we are working on can you come help us finish off the floor? ANYWAY i really don't think i will get that money back, but hell i love him and it's not worth loosing a brother over $245. (i had it in savings anyway... that is what it's for... a rainy day. and it was raining pretty hard for him).

For my bothers out there.... i wish you love and happieness.... REALLY i DO

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I can't get anything done this weekend. i wanted to, but weather was bad, i forgot to call bluestakes and moods have been swinging.
maybe on wednesday when the weather is better we can get more done.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

lots of stuff new going on.
Jenny and i have been swimming almost everyday. it's soo much fun. today things really kicked me. i went by myself and i pushed myself way too far.

work is going just fair, nothing really to report. i know i'm still needed to come to work everyday, but i just feel like.... blah

my marriage has been going GREAT lately. great conversation, great sex.... but we are bored because we don't really have any money because we have to pay on our taxes.

ryan is still going to school and he hates it. soon enough he will be done until fall semester.

i'm happy right now. the house is clean, i made chocolate chip cookies, and watching tv. i'm happy folks

Thursday, April 03, 2008

You are a Rubik's Cube

You are engaging and popular. People are drawn to your colorful personality.

As much as they try, people can't stay away from you.

And while you seem easy to understand, people can't figure out what direction you're coming from.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A very stupied audiobook

so for the last couple of weeks i have been listening to audiobooks while i've been working. it makes the time go by faster and you learn new things while you work. i was listening to Hitchhikers Guide all books, then it was Harry Pottery all 7 books, the it was this schmut book my mom lent me call 'can you keep a secret'. 2 weeks ago it was 'Roma' a wonderful historical fiction book. last week it was 'everything you have been taught is wrong' it was pretty much a university prof. giving lecture after lecture about how much america likes to coverup it's history with heart and flowers starting with Christopher Columbus. this week was going to be stephen colberts 'i am america and so can you'. I got through 4 or 5 chapters and had to turn it off. I HATED This book. and i think stephen colbert is funny. HATED THE BOOK.... HATED!!!!

In other news, i've been sleeping a bunch. i think it's just because i haven't had a day off in months. maybe on Saturday.... that would be nice.