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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm sorry boys and girls but facebook has made me a blogging cunt.... the whole i can instantly say what i want when i want it.. HOLY SHIT! anyways life is, well going. A lot of change never hurt anyone right?
Derby is great. i feel like i have reached a platue though so when i go i think i'm getting worse rather than better, but i'll get over it. today was the first day i actually got sent to the penatly box for misconduct *snickers* (i guess)
In other news i'm onto month 2 of swimming 3-5 days a week. to start with i was starving all the time now i've reached this stage where food doesn't sound good and i eat because i have to and then i don't eat much. i talked to mindie about it and she said 'oh yeah that's when you really start losing weight'... so maybe the next time you see me i will be down another 20 lbs. Yep folks i have officially lost 23 lbs (well from april 2008-october 2009) either way i'd say i'm doing good. right now i weigh the same as i did when i got married and here in 20 more pounds i will weigh the same is i did when i was 15. that is the goal 20 more pounds!!! i wonder if it is even reach able? hopefully.

anyways boys and girls it's been nice posting... i'm sure i'll do it again very soon. Have a good night and drive home safe :)