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really things are funny

Sunday, August 24, 2008

last week ryan bought rockband.
it is so much fun. i play the drums and ryan sings or plays the guitar. we have a good time and it's something we can do together. i never realized that videos games could give your arms a work out :)

in other news work has slowed WAY down which makes for smaller paychecks :( with my last super nice paycheck we went a bought him a new desk for school work. it's about twice width wise as the last one so it should work a lot better for the architectual plans he has to work with this year.

i don't remember if i said anything already... but ryan is taking the first online class available for electricians i hope it works out for him. if he can stick to doing his homework well before it is due it shouldn't be a problem. thething i'm worried about is the reviews for the tests. most instructors spend 2 lessons just reviewing stuff on the tests, and i don't think he will have that with the online class.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

a visit to my brother.
for all those that i haven't talked to my brother is in jail. today i went with my dad and visited him. it was really upsetting for me. it's hard to see your brother in a blue jump suit. he's really skinny and looked really tired. you could tell that all he wanted was to see people he knew and talk to people. the problem is, his girlfriend can't get into the jail because she has a warrent out. my dad is trying to get people to go in, but things aren't going well. the problem with pat is he has been making himself an outcast from our family for years. so now he really is an outcast. he will probably be in jail for atleast another 2 weeks... ATLEAST!!! i'm really sad about the situation and i wish it could be different for him. :(

Monday, August 11, 2008

work is hard

in other news the hot tub man is coming today :) i'm glad it will be fixed soo :)

i'm super sleepy

maybe i can go back to bed