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really things are funny

Friday, July 27, 2007

i am soooo tired. between the 2 jobs i have probably worked 10 hour days for the last 20 days (there are some days i've worked 16 hours and some days i've only worked 5 hours). and there is still 7 more days to go before i get a break :(
marriage is going well. nothing really new to report therer. i'm getting really tired of having a roommate.... well i'm just tired of living with other people in the house. it used to be if i was sick of ryan i could just sleep in the spareroom for a few days, but allas that is no longer an option.
in other news we have 1 baby kitten left. he is VERY cute. and will probably be out of our house in about 3 weeks. if anyone knows of a good home PLEASE CONTACT ME

Sunday, July 08, 2007

1 day old kittens - now 2 days old
there were 6 when they where brough into my work. now there is only 4 and 3 of them aren't looking very healthy.
i'm sad and scared and wishing that they would just get better. i love them a lot and i've know them for 24 hours.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A crazy lady.
there was this new client that came into the vet's today. she wanted to board her 2 dogs for 1 night. after she had shown me she was crazy, i had told her i'm sorry we are not excepting new clients for the holiday. she just told me that she had already been told it was no problem, to which i responded i'm sorry you must have the wrong information. (after she had said they get walked 5 times per day, instead of 2-3 times per day) i had recommended maybe she needs to go to another facility. she said it's like you don't want me here.
i didn't. she ruinned my day and now i will have to explain the who situation to the doctor tomorrow or thurs. ahhhh. i'm not in the best mood
damn fucking lady

Monday, July 02, 2007

ever since i've had a little talk with ryan our marriage has been doing lots better. i try really hard to tell him how i'm feeling and not just be a bitch all the time. :)
i really think that my crush hates me.
and i got to get mad at people at work today. it was a bitch when it happened, but needed to be said.
so a bad day actually turned into a good day. just by working at beans and enjoying that small part of my day.