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Monday, June 27, 2005

Early this morning i wake up to the dog going "woooof" and getting on the bed trying to wake me up. ryan gets up instead and gets some clothes on and goes outside. Now i get my robe on and go out as well. There is already at the scene two cop cars and a K9 unit. We just stand back and wait until it dies down to try and see anything. So finally when i think it's time to go inside here comes 3 more cop cars, 1 more k9 unit, CSI, a tow truck, and some civilian car. So now i've got to stay up and check it out. (the time is now 3:45am) An hour later the cars die down and ryan and i decide to walk over and see what's going on. (before i go much further, we live on a dead end street we all pretty much know each other) Anyway 2 houses down and across the street there is a van smashed into there house. We ask the lady there and she had said that she reported the car stolen and now it ends up here.
2 questions i have. 1- why was there sooo many cops? and 2 who the hell would make off with a mini-van? i'm just not seeing the mini-van being a good joy riding car.
Now i am tired.... i've been up all day and have an awful day at work. maybe i'll get in the spa.


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