meow meow meow

really things are funny

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I'm not really into blogging lately

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

WOW i haven't blogged in awhile.

we got back on sunday morning which made for about 18 hours driving straight
the vacation was great you should talk to me personally about it.

now i'm waiting for ryan... to go and help my sister mindie move some rocks

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

What happenetoday...
in the morning we found sand dollars on the beach.
afternoon we made a sand castle (well it turned out to be just a big hole in the ground with a little island in the middle)
this evening we skipped rocks. it was my first time actually skipping one. Granted i had tried before but not skipped.

Monday, September 16, 2002

The wedding was wonderful for all those that were wondering. We had a perfect ceremony and i cried during the ring exchange. it's just something that i tried to have not happen, but what can i say it happened anyway.

Now after a 15 hour drive the washington we have arrived and waiting for the room to be ready. So far we have seen the tide move in which has caused me to think that the ocean has a mind of it's own. We ate at a restrant that's foundation was in the water. It really is great here. The ocean is calming and the town is a sleepy town. It a wonderful vacation but i think living here would drive me crazy. It's raining today all the way until wed. which was to be expected here in Birch Bay Washington.

Anyways it's about time to get on with other things.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

"When i say it's a schpadowcial day.".. well i don't know about that. Today's been kind of one of those half ass days where you didn't really do much. Granted i got a lot done i just didn't DO much.

Monday, September 09, 2002

let me start out by saying that i'm intoxicated... maybe you will understand than

tonight was the night of the shower/ party for the wedding. it was my family, ryan's family and debbie (who actually threw the party together) Now i can't disclose everything i recieved at this party... but i' sure i will write about it eventually. i will start with the least fasinating gifts and work to the better ones.
grandma (mine that is) robes and champain glasses
granny (ryan's grandma) 50 bucks... yah we all like money
ryan's mom a picnic basket so no alcoholic juiceand $50 gift card to Albertson's
debbie - twister, the sad thing here is that i know ryan will want to get into some interesting places with that
my sisters - which can't be told at this time
and my mother - well i think the box explains it all
For lover's only
5 different arounsing textures and Sensations.

and a leather whip.

I was blushing for a while... a long while. I had ryan's grandma sitting right next to me. I didn't know what was in it. it was how would you say... strange! to say the least.

Than it was home to where debbie and i desided that it was about time to see what all these dildo's did... we get out the box and come to find out... there's stuff for ryan too! (you you catch my drift). Also we had to check how my whip skills were and how i would look with it.

OH MY GOD it was one of the most amusing evenings of all time.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Marriage- this is the topic of my dreams lately... that and a really old crazy guy (but that was a dream that happens all the time so we will think nothing of it) I don't know i guess that it's a bigger step than i thought it was. I've just been treating it like it was going to be nothing for so long and now that it's headed right for me i think it's just a little harder than i thought. I'm happy that's for sure.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

i saw ponies today at my nieces birthday party :)

Friday, September 06, 2002

i don't know what to write... so i will write nothing.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Okay so Winnie the Pooh explains the mysteries of social life as we know it. explanation...
Well Tigger bounces people but the thing is he only bounces his friends, not owl (he's elderly) Kanga (the women) Roo (the Child) and Christopher Robin (authority figure) Yet with those that are his friends he's totally comfortable with just attacking them. Well there's Rabbit (if you were to look at tigger and rabbit relationship you would find that they are well off as friends i think, because tigger feels totally comfortable around him) Then there's Piglet that already has this small self-esteem because he's so little, he has a stuttering problem it's like you should think that that this is the way most people feel. And Pooh bear is just the main character having to be friends with everyone even if they get bounced. Last and defiantly least there's the donkey he has the gloomiest out look on life yet every time he builds a house tigger comes and knocks it over. What is this teaching children? to do one or all of the following
-bounce your friends but yet respect your elders and women and children
-do things but don't take responsibility for your action (tigger and the house)
-and pretty much just mooch off of other people.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

so my mom was on my case yesterday about this bridal shower. The wedding is 10 days away like i can worry about that too. Sometimes i just wish that i could just have a suprise shower of some kind. Than atleast i wouldn't have to plan it.. or deal with my mom's bitching.

Other than that work was interesting today. We had to fire all of the mexicans the other day and realized that now we have no one to cast or clean... i guess that was a stupid move on our behalf.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Alright i'm back. I guess it's not really a great day for me to come back into the blogging world, because well it's been kind of a piece of shit day if you know what i'm talking about and right now isn't really the best time to be bitching about it. Ryan is outside and is just taking a free dryer apart to see why the hell it isn't working. And well to be honest i am hating my house. Probably just because i'm in a bad mood i know but i just still wish that i was back at the old apartment atleast there it felt like home.