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really things are funny

Friday, July 25, 2008

alright alright i'm finally getting around to posting.

now lets see. i have been on several bikerides last week i went from my house to the farmers market (there and back is 14 miles) yesterday i went from my house to my dads then to liberty then to G street and 3rd ave and home (there and back 9 miles) going to the farmers market easy it's flat the whole way and we went at 7 am. going to the ave's really fricking hard and it was at 3pm. i was so tired by the time i got home.

We went and saw batman. GREAT movie btw. it was really long but awesome. i loved that it was dark, i didn't really like it that they changed actors for the 'rachel' character though... that's really i could think about it how ugly she was and that she had bags under her eyes.

ryan and i have a gathering to go to tomorrow to light fireworks in roy, they are fun people though so it's not to bad. The next week we are going to debbie's party. Wow 2 weeks in a row we have turned into social butterflies.

i have been seeing my brother pat more often. he seems okay and he likes playing board games which i love to do. He's living at my dad's now and since it's only 2.5 miles from here to there i go just for funsies on my bike. i wish my sisters lived closer so i could do the same thing with them. i miss seeing the kids but i still get updates online :)

my marriage is going great. ryan and i are both exausted everyday from working in the sun and really all we do when we get home is ryan plays video games and i watch or play 'go' with nathan.

i have lost 3 pants sizes.... woot !!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

today i went on a fairly long bike ride. i went through and made a google map and it only turned out to be 5 miles. hehehe.

anyway highland, 9th and 7th east are now closed for cars under I80. so i went around, up to 13th east. so i'm riding along then i get to the freeway over pass.... AHHHHH i thought i was going to die. there was all sorts of constuction, and rocks and lots of cranky cars. then i rode down through the parking lot to get to the video game store. on the ride back i decided i wasn't going to die for the ride home as it turns out under the highland drive overpass there is a pedestrian walk through. i risked my life for stupid construction.... ARG!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Very entertaining 4th of july

work always kicks my ass on holidays, but things went fairly smooth :) then i came home from work at 6 and started cooking dutch oven potatos and omg they were awesome. then friends and neighbors came over and had burgers, dogs, cheese and potatos... oh yeah and tequila... and tequila. ryan started lighting fireworks, burnt his fingures and did more fireworks. hehehe

it was a fun and friend filled holiday. almost everyone had a good time and we got to have a party that i have been dying to have for months.

i still love my bike and my laptop :)