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really things are funny

Monday, October 31, 2005

so i ended up being a nintendo controller. I had them in my hair and had a shirt that was a hand made controller. it was an alright turnout for the potluck party. i wish more folks would've come. I'm sleepy and i want to be alone. hopefully these people still here will get the hint and go home.

In other news. stupid shit going on at work and i will hate the next 2 weeks. hopefully i don't get tooo grumpy

Friday, October 28, 2005

I have NO IDEA what i'm going to be for halloween. PLEASE give me ideas. good original ones please

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On last thing
This stupied movie. Mr NA bought this dumb movie called vampier hunter D. it is anima and it is stupied. I don't think i will ever like anima. On a side note: i did have a boy friend once that could only get it up with anima porn. - that was the long and short of this story, this idea and this dumb movie.

so i just raked a whole shit load of leaves. it was crazy. I put my head phones on and just ignored people. sometimes this works. other times it just makes me upset because i have to keep taking on and off and off and on my head phones AHHHHH! at pottery class this never works. i usually would like to sit and think about things at my own speed and my own time. people just want to chit - chat and i guess that's half of the reason why people are there. (to make new friends) There are people there that i like to talk to, but most of the time i want to be left alone. The sad thing is that at home i just want attention and not left alone. how crazy is that? i guess i'm gone from about 6:40 am to usually 3 working, than i go to the pottery place (because it's something to do) come home and sleep from about 9-6:30. so there is 3 hours when i just want attention... good loving attention. and i just don't get that. so it makes me want to turn my headphones on and not pay attention to the world.

1. Kissed your cousin: no
2. Ran away: no
3. Pictured your crush naked: often
4. skipped school: not really i was a good girl
5. Broken someone's heart: probably not
6. Been in love: I think so
7. Cried when someone died: not for a few months after
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Usually
9. Broken a bone: my arm
10. Done something embarrasing: Most of the time
11. Done a drug: yes
12. Cried in school: when i was little i cracked my head on the swing sets and i cried

13. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
14. Sprite or 7UP: 7up
15. Girls or Guys: I like the men
16. Flowers or Candy: Flowers or ballons
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: scruffy
18. Blondes or Brunettes: does this apply to men?
19. Bitchy or Sluty: Neither
20. Tall or Short: tall
21. Pants or Shorts: Pantalones
22. Night or Day: Day

23. What do you notice first: attitude
24. Last person you slow danced with: I don't remeber
25. Worst Question To Ask: I can't think of a bad questiong

26. Showered: just a little while ago
27. Stepped outside: minutes
28. Had Sex: actualy sex? 4 weeks
29. Romantic memory: Romance has different meaning, but what i would want is someone to just say 'i love you' and mean it
30. Your Good Luck Charm: i have a little chain on my purse that holds my keys. my first love gave it to me. (i don't think i've said that for a while)
31. Person You Hate Most: most people from work
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: getting out of the house
33. On your desk: laptop no desk
34. Picture on your desktop: the Windows XP background
35. Color: red
36. Movie: i need to pick one? empire records
37. Artist: i don't think i have one specific one
38. Cars: no specific
39. Ice Cream: Lemon Sorbet
40. Season: Spring time
41. Breakfast Food: coffee

42. Makes you laugh the most: lately i haven't laughed a lot - probably bobbi or ryan
43. Makes you smile: see 43
44. Can make you feel better no matter what: no many people are capable
45. Has a crush on you: I don't think anyone does
46. Do you have a crush on someone: Sometimes
47. Who has it easier? Girls or guys? the human race is fucked so i would say neither
48. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: I don't know

49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: not really
50. Save MSN conversations: no
51. Save E-mails: emails? not usually
52. Forward secret E-mails: i don't get secret emails
53. Wish you were someone else: sometimes
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: no
55. Wear perfume: yes
56. Kiss: i love kissing
57. Cuddle: i love cuddleing
58. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: no

59. Fallen for your best friend?: twice
60. Made out with JUST a friend?: yeah
61. Kissed two people in the same day?: yes
62. Had sex with two different people in the same day?: no
63. Been rejected: every day
64. Been in love?: i think so
65. Been in lust?: usually
66. Used someone?: not that i know of
67. Been used?: many times
68. Cheated on someone?: NO WAY
69. Been cheated on?: i hope not
70. Been kissed?: yes
71. Done something you regret?: sometimes i regret things, but i realize it's just a part of life.

72. You touched?: The dog
73. You talked to?: diane
74. You hugged?: bobbi
75. You instant messaged?: bobbi
76. You kissed?: ryan
77. You yelled at?: Susan
78. You thought about?: *blushes*
79. Who text messaged you?: no cell phone - no texting
80. Who broke your heart?: ryan
81. Who told you they loved you?: my dad

82. Color your hair? often i get bored
83. Have tattoos?: yep
84. Have piercings?: just my ears
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: married :(
86. Own a webcam?: laptop - no web came
87. Own a thong?: a couple
88. Ever get off the damn computer?: i'm not usually on my computer
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: i don't know what that means
90. Habla espanol?: no
91. Quack?: eh?

92. Stolen anything?: no
93. Smoke?: i smoked pot in my younger days
94. Schizophrenic?: ryan would say i was
95. Obsessive?: some what
96. Compulsive?: not that i know of
97. Obsessive compulsive?: no
98. Panic?: when i get scared i panic
99. Anxiety?: EVEN WORSE
100. Depressed?: most of the time

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm in the moode for questioning things. Not "life, the universe, everything". mainly just love, how you make love, how you define love, and can you grow out of love or is it just in the wrong stage? I'm confused about the whole topic and i'm highly doubting that Mr NA really wants to hear about it.

I got FREE tickets to see Romeo and Juliet tomorrow and i asked a girl at pottery to come with me. hopefully i can track her down tomorrow afterwork. I really like the pottery class, i really get along with the people there. (maybe i get along too well with a few of them) these people should make good friends and i'm glad for that. I'm even questioning friendship at the moment. Do you only attract people that have the same outgoing personality? do you need friends? do they need you? is it good/bad to feel that they are better than you? i'm feeling like i need to talk about some of these things and noone is really around right now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Still kind of sad.
not much more to say

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm kind of depressed again.

i can't wait until my pottery class tomorrow :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Scarfs-
oh how i love them. i got a nice blue shinny one today :)

Work was long - my knee hurts and now i'm off to watch the telly- than to the dee's (yuck!) to hang out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I went to a new pottery class today. it was kind of fun... kind of frustrating. The only thing that kind of bummed me out was the MR NA didn't even ask how things went, or even how my day was. It's just like he wasn't really interested in it.

I did meet some strange people there (mainly men) and i don't really know how to act. i meanhow do i talk to them with out flirting, it's hard - but i try.

Monday, October 03, 2005

East Village Opera Company
It's my new cd for the month and wow is it fun :) it's electric/classical type versions of Opera music. it's GREAT and i strongly recomment it!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I fell unattractive and kind of depressed.

Big Pepper (the evil cat) is limping around the house. i'm going to be taking her to the vet tomorrow afternoon and i really need Mr NA's help. hopefully he can get home in time from work.

Today i went and say The Corpse Bride. it was a great tim burton film and i loved it. :)

i'm not particulary happy with my job... i'm just bored. hopefully i will get back into the swing of things.