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Monday, October 06, 2008

an eventful weekend. saturday work, derby then to the pi for pizza. derby made me learn 1 thing, wear protection when skating. the pi was awesome it always is.

sunday work. then when i got home ryan had emptied and cleaned the hot tub (woot see saturdays post about my tailbone) and had started to refill with water :) then we got out all of the halloween stuff and put up our decorations. this year the hanged man is 'w' himself. hehehe i'm sure we will get asked to take it down, but it's worth a shot. then we went to home depot and got a new faucet (ours is leaking) and ryan took the sink apart, resealed etc. when he put everything back together 7 hours later the disposall was leaking. my brother came over and took a look at it (he couldn't fix it :() then we got in the hot tub and went to bed.

it was a long weekend but fun :)


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