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Saturday, October 04, 2008

me and my neighbor, beanie are practicing for derby try outs. yep i said it... not this year but next year i'm trying out. yesterday ryan, bobbi, beanie and caroline came out for moral support. it was my first time on skates in probably 10 years give or take. i was awful. toward the end of the night i could skate around the track in 20 seconds. the qualifying time is 3 times in 1 minute (i'm on my way) however skating that quickly doesn't give you ANY control my ankle turned in a little bit and i was on my ass..... HARD. i went around the track a few more times to make it so i didn't give up entirely then went home. now my tailbone hurts so bad, it hurt to sleep, to get in/out of my car to come to work. it however doesn't hurt to stand (not sit that really hurts) in the exact same spot with out moving. but it was REALLY fun :)


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