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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

nightmare on 13th
yesterday i get a very random text from my friend who says that her brother is one of the characters at the haunted house and that she had free tickets and if ryan and i wanted to go. now i don't really like haunted houses they scare me, always have. but she says she will protect me so we go. ryan and i got there pretty early so we waited by the ticket counter. this big scary thing on stilts come up to me and is super scary and touched my hair.... TOUCHED MY HAIR. is send my friend a text and she asked if it was her brother. it really was a very scary jimmy with creepy eyes. then we wait and wait and wait until we get walking through the haunted house. it actually wasn't too. there was twice that i was heckled by the jump out people but ryan screamed out funny things like "what would you do with a Klondike bar" and "ew they did the black light/ luminal test on this hotel room". i had a really good time. and was glad we went :)


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