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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

5 reasons why i like/hate my job

lets start with hate
1- two of my employees have the worst attendance known to man. they just don't come randomly. today for example. 1 i had to quilt into coming in (because she was 'too depressed') and the other just had better things to do.
2- the smell. the doctor likes to put plug ins everywhere. they bug me and smell bad
3- some of the customers are really needy. and they expect you to cater to their every whim. would you call your human doctor and do this shit.
4- most of the time you do the same thing everyday. mine goes a little like this. walk the dogs/clean the kennel. come up front, tidy up do discharge and prescriptions and go home.
5- i hate that dealing with my boss is all about phrasing. if you didn't phrase things right you are s.o.l. the doctor is picky, a clean freak, and hides who he is from his family

1- the animals. i love them they love me :)
2- every so often you actually get to watch an animal get saved. not 'here is some steroids come back in a month'
3- i really like the stress. some days here it is so moving that it gets stressful and taxing on my mind. i like things that make my mind work
4- compounding drugs. i think this is so fun. you have to do math, figure out dosages and mix it all up. it's like baking with controlled substances
5- once i get to work i really don't mind being there and i don't really look forward to going home, unless i have something exciting to do.


Blogger EVENING STAR said...

Reminds me of a mutt who lives on the street near my home.
I treat him to a little bread every night after supper.
And on nights when I throw in a little chicken along , he totally refuses to go anywhere near the bread.
Makes me wonder if he's a SMART one, or is this normal !!!

10:51 AM  

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