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Sunday, May 11, 2008

There is nothing like a night that you can't sleep followed by barking dogs first thing in the morning. blah. ***

in other news, nothing has been going on with the yard. i've decided not to push ryan into starting it, and honestly i can't get the equiptment on my own. sometimes i wish he would just get motivation to start things with out being nagged (i've tried the nice reminder). take the heater and my bike tires for example (i've had new tubes in the house for 2 weeks and it's still not done)

Happy mothers day to all of those that this applies. i'm kind of bummed because i'm stuck working.... blah.

on yeah, i found a cute black corsett to wear to roller derby, now whether or not i chicken out will be a different story. hehehehe

i'm almost done with work for the morning, then i'll call my mom and wish her a happy mothersday, take a nap then the cycle starts all over again.

***no sleep = cranky stephanie***


Blogger Mindie said...

Hopefully, you've had a chance to catch up on sleep, today! Maybe hire someone to lug your tools out and fix your bike? I always hate suggestions like this one...they are obvious solutions to problems that you want your husband to solve. Be patient! Love ya.

12:54 PM  

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