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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a new audio book to listen to at work
it's call bonk by mary roach.
now let me start by saying sometimes a gal has to be curious about sex. i have had 5 partners and well i don't really think i had enough time to fuck around before i got married.

this book is about sex research.

if i was a gay man i don't think i would like this book very much. since the author is a woman it is mainly focused (so far) on the female aspects/ orgasms and heterosexualism. The beginning is about the original research from the 1800's on. it is so bizarre the things people have done in the name of science. now i'm into the animal research section (being in the veterinary field this part is sad and informative heheh).

this book is awesome and i have loved it. there are books you recommend thats a fun read then there are books that are about an interesting topic, this book is both.


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