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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

recent events
on friday ryan and i went and saw george carlin, i laughed and laughed. (ridding traxs)
saturday we went to the living traditions festival with bobbi (again with trax)
sunday went on a bike ride to liberty park with my next door neighbor (my ass hurt)
monday and tuesday rode my bike to work.

days to come...
wed/thurs work and i get to meet with landscape estimators.
friday - tuesday work work work, i make more money around holidays i guess i should work more. BLAH.

we have decided to hire a landscape contractor for the yard, ryan got overwhelmed and it is a whole lot easier to pay someone else. things we are doing... moving part of the fence, moving a tree, ripping out 3 treetrunks, grading/topsoil/sprinklers and sod and daisies and bark. now that i layed it all out is does sound like a lot of work.


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