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Thursday, October 20, 2005

1. Kissed your cousin: no
2. Ran away: no
3. Pictured your crush naked: often
4. skipped school: not really i was a good girl
5. Broken someone's heart: probably not
6. Been in love: I think so
7. Cried when someone died: not for a few months after
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Usually
9. Broken a bone: my arm
10. Done something embarrasing: Most of the time
11. Done a drug: yes
12. Cried in school: when i was little i cracked my head on the swing sets and i cried

13. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
14. Sprite or 7UP: 7up
15. Girls or Guys: I like the men
16. Flowers or Candy: Flowers or ballons
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: scruffy
18. Blondes or Brunettes: does this apply to men?
19. Bitchy or Sluty: Neither
20. Tall or Short: tall
21. Pants or Shorts: Pantalones
22. Night or Day: Day

23. What do you notice first: attitude
24. Last person you slow danced with: I don't remeber
25. Worst Question To Ask: I can't think of a bad questiong

26. Showered: just a little while ago
27. Stepped outside: minutes
28. Had Sex: actualy sex? 4 weeks
29. Romantic memory: Romance has different meaning, but what i would want is someone to just say 'i love you' and mean it
30. Your Good Luck Charm: i have a little chain on my purse that holds my keys. my first love gave it to me. (i don't think i've said that for a while)
31. Person You Hate Most: most people from work
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: getting out of the house
33. On your desk: laptop no desk
34. Picture on your desktop: the Windows XP background
35. Color: red
36. Movie: i need to pick one? empire records
37. Artist: i don't think i have one specific one
38. Cars: no specific
39. Ice Cream: Lemon Sorbet
40. Season: Spring time
41. Breakfast Food: coffee

42. Makes you laugh the most: lately i haven't laughed a lot - probably bobbi or ryan
43. Makes you smile: see 43
44. Can make you feel better no matter what: no many people are capable
45. Has a crush on you: I don't think anyone does
46. Do you have a crush on someone: Sometimes
47. Who has it easier? Girls or guys? the human race is fucked so i would say neither
48. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: I don't know

49. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: not really
50. Save MSN conversations: no
51. Save E-mails: emails? not usually
52. Forward secret E-mails: i don't get secret emails
53. Wish you were someone else: sometimes
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: no
55. Wear perfume: yes
56. Kiss: i love kissing
57. Cuddle: i love cuddleing
58. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: no

59. Fallen for your best friend?: twice
60. Made out with JUST a friend?: yeah
61. Kissed two people in the same day?: yes
62. Had sex with two different people in the same day?: no
63. Been rejected: every day
64. Been in love?: i think so
65. Been in lust?: usually
66. Used someone?: not that i know of
67. Been used?: many times
68. Cheated on someone?: NO WAY
69. Been cheated on?: i hope not
70. Been kissed?: yes
71. Done something you regret?: sometimes i regret things, but i realize it's just a part of life.

72. You touched?: The dog
73. You talked to?: diane
74. You hugged?: bobbi
75. You instant messaged?: bobbi
76. You kissed?: ryan
77. You yelled at?: Susan
78. You thought about?: *blushes*
79. Who text messaged you?: no cell phone - no texting
80. Who broke your heart?: ryan
81. Who told you they loved you?: my dad

82. Color your hair? often i get bored
83. Have tattoos?: yep
84. Have piercings?: just my ears
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: married :(
86. Own a webcam?: laptop - no web came
87. Own a thong?: a couple
88. Ever get off the damn computer?: i'm not usually on my computer
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: i don't know what that means
90. Habla espanol?: no
91. Quack?: eh?

92. Stolen anything?: no
93. Smoke?: i smoked pot in my younger days
94. Schizophrenic?: ryan would say i was
95. Obsessive?: some what
96. Compulsive?: not that i know of
97. Obsessive compulsive?: no
98. Panic?: when i get scared i panic
99. Anxiety?: EVEN WORSE
100. Depressed?: most of the time


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Blogger Stephanie said...

actually i went back and read things and some of them really aren't that funny.

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