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Thursday, October 20, 2005

so i just raked a whole shit load of leaves. it was crazy. I put my head phones on and just ignored people. sometimes this works. other times it just makes me upset because i have to keep taking on and off and off and on my head phones AHHHHH! at pottery class this never works. i usually would like to sit and think about things at my own speed and my own time. people just want to chit - chat and i guess that's half of the reason why people are there. (to make new friends) There are people there that i like to talk to, but most of the time i want to be left alone. The sad thing is that at home i just want attention and not left alone. how crazy is that? i guess i'm gone from about 6:40 am to usually 3 working, than i go to the pottery place (because it's something to do) come home and sleep from about 9-6:30. so there is 3 hours when i just want attention... good loving attention. and i just don't get that. so it makes me want to turn my headphones on and not pay attention to the world.


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