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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm in the moode for questioning things. Not "life, the universe, everything". mainly just love, how you make love, how you define love, and can you grow out of love or is it just in the wrong stage? I'm confused about the whole topic and i'm highly doubting that Mr NA really wants to hear about it.

I got FREE tickets to see Romeo and Juliet tomorrow and i asked a girl at pottery to come with me. hopefully i can track her down tomorrow afterwork. I really like the pottery class, i really get along with the people there. (maybe i get along too well with a few of them) these people should make good friends and i'm glad for that. I'm even questioning friendship at the moment. Do you only attract people that have the same outgoing personality? do you need friends? do they need you? is it good/bad to feel that they are better than you? i'm feeling like i need to talk about some of these things and noone is really around right now.


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