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Monday, September 09, 2002

let me start out by saying that i'm intoxicated... maybe you will understand than

tonight was the night of the shower/ party for the wedding. it was my family, ryan's family and debbie (who actually threw the party together) Now i can't disclose everything i recieved at this party... but i' sure i will write about it eventually. i will start with the least fasinating gifts and work to the better ones.
grandma (mine that is) robes and champain glasses
granny (ryan's grandma) 50 bucks... yah we all like money
ryan's mom a picnic basket so no alcoholic juiceand $50 gift card to Albertson's
debbie - twister, the sad thing here is that i know ryan will want to get into some interesting places with that
my sisters - which can't be told at this time
and my mother - well i think the box explains it all
For lover's only
5 different arounsing textures and Sensations.

and a leather whip.

I was blushing for a while... a long while. I had ryan's grandma sitting right next to me. I didn't know what was in it. it was how would you say... strange! to say the least.

Than it was home to where debbie and i desided that it was about time to see what all these dildo's did... we get out the box and come to find out... there's stuff for ryan too! (you you catch my drift). Also we had to check how my whip skills were and how i would look with it.

OH MY GOD it was one of the most amusing evenings of all time.


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