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Thursday, September 05, 2002

Okay so Winnie the Pooh explains the mysteries of social life as we know it. explanation...
Well Tigger bounces people but the thing is he only bounces his friends, not owl (he's elderly) Kanga (the women) Roo (the Child) and Christopher Robin (authority figure) Yet with those that are his friends he's totally comfortable with just attacking them. Well there's Rabbit (if you were to look at tigger and rabbit relationship you would find that they are well off as friends i think, because tigger feels totally comfortable around him) Then there's Piglet that already has this small self-esteem because he's so little, he has a stuttering problem it's like you should think that that this is the way most people feel. And Pooh bear is just the main character having to be friends with everyone even if they get bounced. Last and defiantly least there's the donkey he has the gloomiest out look on life yet every time he builds a house tigger comes and knocks it over. What is this teaching children? to do one or all of the following
-bounce your friends but yet respect your elders and women and children
-do things but don't take responsibility for your action (tigger and the house)
-and pretty much just mooch off of other people.


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