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Friday, January 30, 2009

a remarkable thrusday
Yesterday was a bad day. i went to work, pained from practice on tuesday, then came home and all i wanted to do was sleep. so i got on the couch and slept and slept each time i turned on the couch one of the cats would be on me knowing i was cranky. I did get to play loco roco 2 then ryan called and wanted me to pick something up (i really didn't want to go, and i told him so and rolled back over on the couch) ryan made dinner then i got into the car and headed for 'collector's' house (one of my new derby friends) to pick her up for practice. Practice was hard and tiring. i have been coughing since then and my abbs hurt like you can't imagine. i have made a few friends at practice, which is kind of nice. i joined derby to loose wieght, not to win, and it's nice to have friends to skate with.
as for today goes.... split schedule for working i worked from 7-10am then i have to go back from 12:30-6:30... yuck. i don't work very well in the afternoon, but i try. February's schedule will suck for working then practice (oh well, i do love to work my ass off)
in other news i finally got around to joining facebook and haven't fully firgured out how it works... i'll get it eventually


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