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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a new ipod
so on december 1st i sent my ipod in to be serviced (it was covered under the insurance policy that we have) and they said i should have it back by the 18th. well the 18th came and went and still no ipod so i called and was told it was lost and i should have it back in 2 weeks. i went and bought a shuffle ipod (i love it for skating because i can clip it to my bra and skate without problems). On sunday ryan said it was time to call bestbuy again, and they said they would have to look into it and call back.... no call. so i call yesterday with 30 minutes on hold to get told we will call you back.... you guessed it no call. Then i called today and talked to the same girl i spoke with on the 18th, thank god, and she said that my original ipod was sent to a fernando newcomb in california and maybe i knew him. i told her the only 2 newcomb's i knew was ryan's dad in podunkville california and ryan's grandma. She said okay let me talk to my supervisor and i'll call you right back..... and she actually called me back :) she said since it was shipped and signed by someone that i couldn't get a referbished ipod back, but if i jst stopped by tomorrow before 2:30 she could just give me a new ipod for free. FUCKING SWEET :) now i don't think i will be able to get and insurance policy so i might actually have to treat my ipod well... i can do it :) i am getting my second wind and am almost ready to go skating.


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