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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Sorry it's been so long, but so much has happened.
1- i think that i'm too fast and efficiant at my job because i might get the old lady that works with me shit canned.
2- I made ryan re-arrange our living room, which lead to re-arranging the bedroom teehee
3- I want coffee. Today i had to go to 7-eleven to get coffee because we didn't have any beans at home... :(
4- still lacking on monies but that's to be expected this getting paid every week really bugs the shit out of me.
5- i thought of this really great idea for mixing (like a dj mixing not a mixed beverage) but i can't make it publically known on the internet because than everyone will have my idea... but it's a good one.. so if anyone has a mixing board i will tell you my good idea (


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