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Friday, July 25, 2008

alright alright i'm finally getting around to posting.

now lets see. i have been on several bikerides last week i went from my house to the farmers market (there and back is 14 miles) yesterday i went from my house to my dads then to liberty then to G street and 3rd ave and home (there and back 9 miles) going to the farmers market easy it's flat the whole way and we went at 7 am. going to the ave's really fricking hard and it was at 3pm. i was so tired by the time i got home.

We went and saw batman. GREAT movie btw. it was really long but awesome. i loved that it was dark, i didn't really like it that they changed actors for the 'rachel' character though... that's really i could think about it how ugly she was and that she had bags under her eyes.

ryan and i have a gathering to go to tomorrow to light fireworks in roy, they are fun people though so it's not to bad. The next week we are going to debbie's party. Wow 2 weeks in a row we have turned into social butterflies.

i have been seeing my brother pat more often. he seems okay and he likes playing board games which i love to do. He's living at my dad's now and since it's only 2.5 miles from here to there i go just for funsies on my bike. i wish my sisters lived closer so i could do the same thing with them. i miss seeing the kids but i still get updates online :)

my marriage is going great. ryan and i are both exausted everyday from working in the sun and really all we do when we get home is ryan plays video games and i watch or play 'go' with nathan.

i have lost 3 pants sizes.... woot !!!


Blogger Mindie said...

Pretty Cool Steph! I agree, it would be nice to see you more. Thanks for the movie review, can't wait to see it. Love ya!

9:00 AM  
Blogger christensens said...

damn you go on that losing weight thing. i need to go on your diet. I totally think you should ride your bike to my house. I could probably see you by wednesday. ha ha. we miss you steph i'm glad you are having a productive and interesting summer

4:22 PM  
Blogger Delal said...

that is totally awesome about the pant sizes!!!!

8:56 PM  

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