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Monday, April 21, 2008

so i would say that me and my brothers are fairly close. i love them they love me, and they tell me everytime i see them. Today was the first day that i have felt awful for them. my oldest brother is awesome. He has 3 kids and is divorced. He called me on a monday night and just sounded SOOO lonely. he then relized that my cell phone was my home number got all excited and started texting me. he's just lonely and i don't think he has figured out the wonders of online dating. i really is how people meet people now a days. at least most of the single people i know.
now my other brother has some problems, but we all do. i haven't talked to him for a couple of weeks, then out of no where he calls and wants bail money. I have ALWAYS helped him out when he has asked for it. and honestly he has been there for me, only mine aren't usually envolving jail time. its more like ryan is sooo frustrated on a project we are working on can you come help us finish off the floor? ANYWAY i really don't think i will get that money back, but hell i love him and it's not worth loosing a brother over $245. (i had it in savings anyway... that is what it's for... a rainy day. and it was raining pretty hard for him).

For my bothers out there.... i wish you love and happieness.... REALLY i DO


Blogger Mindie said...

Hey, what about your sisters? haha
I'm sure he'll pay you back, you just gotta let him know that you expect him to. Amy has a blog now too, you can get the address by clicking on one of her comments. love ya!

9:11 PM  
Blogger christensens said...

Hi Steph,
thanks for the nice leave your comment. I hope you are having a nice day. Money and family can always be a sticky situation. Just consider it speant money. HaHa
And we love you too!!!

4:10 PM  

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