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Friday, July 27, 2007

i am soooo tired. between the 2 jobs i have probably worked 10 hour days for the last 20 days (there are some days i've worked 16 hours and some days i've only worked 5 hours). and there is still 7 more days to go before i get a break :(
marriage is going well. nothing really new to report therer. i'm getting really tired of having a roommate.... well i'm just tired of living with other people in the house. it used to be if i was sick of ryan i could just sleep in the spareroom for a few days, but allas that is no longer an option.
in other news we have 1 baby kitten left. he is VERY cute. and will probably be out of our house in about 3 weeks. if anyone knows of a good home PLEASE CONTACT ME


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