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Monday, October 28, 2002

so i have figured things out and it's all going to be alright. I made a shitty dinner tonight though... ryan's sick and i hope i don't get that way... and well it's MONDAY! The day after daylights saving time which made today go by soooo... slow.

I'm getting a land line... much to ryan's bitching about it... but we are getting one anyways. I just switched the phones over to a family plan which made it so the minutes were restricted so I got a phone. It's going to go through at&t because Qwest is a bunch of shit heads... but it's only $15.00 so i can't complain. it's better to have a family plan with 2 phone and a land line in stead of a $138.00 phone bill. OUCH i know!

Money is kind of tight for me right now which makes thinking of things to get ryan is just a bitch and a half... think think think what to get ryan for his birthday?

Bought a new comic book the other day... it's itty bitty. "Everything can be Beaten" by Scolex and Scrambly. It's cute for being the size of a cd cover.


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