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Sunday, May 03, 2009

i very eventful week end.
Thursday is scrimmage day for derby so i did't get home till 10:30 then showered then bed by 12ish. Friday work, then track set up. Now for each bout we go to the salt palace before hand and set up the track, making it functional to skate on (it doesn't just magically showup that way) after that we went to porkchops house. porkchop is an old ref for derby, but ryan and i have known him for about 10years now. He is funny, kind, and a really good at cooking meat ;) that night after taking some others home, we had someone stay at our house so we were up till 3:30 am. Saturday work at 7am :( then run around to set up for the real bout that day. ryan and i were at the salt palace from 3-10:30, of coarse after that we had to go to the bar not getting home untill about 12:30. this sunday morning i woke up and went to skatey skate practice which was very informative (i wish we had more practices as a team... that part makes me sad actually) now i must sleep.... and sleep... and sleep.


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