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Friday, December 26, 2008

ryan and i went and practiced at the roller rink today. it was so frustrating, i just want to get better, but it feels like i'm getting worse. try outs are on the 17th and i really don't think i'm ready. hell i just barely got my skates, but i really want to make the team. i figure worst case they say try again next time. i've been working so hard at it, then ryan starts yelling at me it made me feel worse. then i came home to find atheltic tube socks, it turns out you have to buy a larger size if you weigh more than 150 lbs. jesus that's all i need. do i really have to order socks online too? i like skating and i don't get sick of it, my body just gets tired. i have the drive and the time, i just don't have to skill. i wonder if that's something they can really look past? don't you need to be good at something to join the team? ahhh i'm just frustrated.

ryan is at his friends house and nate it at work. i'm kind of greatful to have to night alone with the tv.


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