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Thursday, March 20, 2008

holiday's at work are a pain in the ass. my body aches from head to toe and it's only the first day of the holiday weekend. there is still friday and saturday and sunday and god forbid monday too. 6 days of hell. but atleast i know that if we are that full every day i will have$600 extra monies on my paycheck. Whoohoo. but can i really handle 5 more days of this.
nate, my roommate, made dinner. and ryan is very helpful with me just sitting on the couch watching indiana jones and starwars. ryan usually makes me happy when i come home from work cranky as all hell. i am also supposed to finish cleaning up the yard so that i can kill off the grass/weeds. i don't know if i have the strength. i've always been the type to push myself has hard and as far as i can. it will be hard to restrain myself.
in other news... luke skywalker is a douch. just thought you should know.


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