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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things are going well in my life. but for some reason i always think "it's too good to be true" and start thinking up drama. works great, pottery's great, friends.... hell even my marriage is going well. but the the voice sinks in..... "things are not well at home!!" now i'm sure i reading way to much into things but i'm sure ryan has a crush on someone.and it wouldn't be that big of a deal as long as a knew it wasn't going to go anywhere (which to be honest i'm not) ryan seems bored with me. he doesn't usually say anything directly to me that offends me, but people do just get bored. He goes to work, goes to school and studies. where is the excitement. sometimes i try to make things easier for him, ie cleaning the house, i try to spice up the bedroom scene, i just think he's bored.

maybe i'm reading so much into this because i'm bored.

there's some food for thought.


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