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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Coffee - work - and cranky
Today i've gone to Beans 3 times (so far and it's only 4) been to work twice and i'm cranky.
now i think i keep going to beans because i love it there. my friends that work there and that i can just go back and make my own coffee now. i love working there. it's a fun job that makes my week worth getting up for.
work has sucked because employees are cranky and it's a holiday so there is a bunch of dogs here. it's not soo bad once you get started but it sucks to get here first thing in the morning and it's you and the doctor (i'm very appreciative that he helps out over the holidays most bosses would just tell you to fuck off and work harder) i came up to the office and told him i was cranky, he said 'go home i'll finish' how nice is that. of coarse i said i'll stay everyone at my house is asleep. (because it was 8:30am).
So now i'm jacked up on coffee just trying to get the afternoon to pass by faster. i am getting a lot of work done this way... i'm just in the go go go mood. YUMMMM coffee :)


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