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Friday, October 27, 2006

ryan has never been one to accept things. presents, emotions, hospitality.... but what he doesn't understand at this time in his life, the less you do after your wisdom teeth are taken out the better you will be! He's never been one to be waited on, but sometimes you just do because people love you. and want to help.

In other news. still dreading getting my tonsils removed. I have to call on tuesday between 1-3 to find out what time my surgery is for the next day. i can't have any large meals after 5, but i can eat something small untill 9. They also said i have to drink atleast a gallon of water. who wants to drink that much water... no one! I'm still scared, and still afraid that ryan wont comfort me. i'm sure he will act put out that i ask for things, and assume that i should be just as strong as him when he had his wisdom teeth out. I hear this surgery is painful and very unpleasent.


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