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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I went to the ENT specialist for my tonsiles to be removed. it's a short outpatient surgery, but the only bitch of the thing is there is a 10 - 14 day recovery period, no talking, no eating, no working, just laying in bed and eating popsicles. The doctor said i would loose 15 - 20 pounds the hard way, not eating. I would get pain meds, nausia meds, general anesthesia, and general discomfort. The only problem is the insurance cost and loosing so much money from not working. i figure i need to save $2000. I called the doctor and my insurance with 2 weeks out of work. i think i would go crazy in this house for 2 weeks.

Also speaking with my insurance i have found out that my insurance adjuster has made some serious head way with getting them to pay for things. from my CT scan and all fo the doctor bills i've gotten for my thyroid problem i have found out that i only owe about $760 which seems manageable.

In other news i think i'm going to get to cleaning the house and trying to make ryan somewhat happy.


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