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Saturday, August 12, 2006

i think a chapter in my life has just closed. it's kind of sad, but not really kind of liberating.
the man i had put all other men in next to (sex, romance, compassion, kissing, conversation etc) is married, with kids, and a home in suberbia.... maybe it's because i would vision his marriage as being perfect and mine as being free and scatterbrained sometimes. i love my husband, my job, my house, and my pets, yet i'm spacie and confused about the hole subject. am i happy without kids? or without a man i hardly knew?
i think the problem is my marriage is worse then when i was dating this gentleman. my husband has little romance. he actually has a lot of compassion(comes with me to the doctor, is considerate, he takes care of me when i'm sick, he will kiss me just to make) , the kisses and sex are few and far between. what i miss about being single is being able to feel the first kiss, because now all of my kissed from ryan are unremarkable. Yet i can remember the first kiss i had with the ex-boyfriend from soo long ago.